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Datum 01.01.2018
Vložil January 2 2018
Titulek Jerry usa

Really admire his sense of adventure. Thank you for sharing this man's adventure s. may the good Lord bless you and your. Family.

Datum 08.12.2017
Vložil MashaVEM
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Datum 18.05.2014
Vložil Smithe168
Titulek John

I really enjoy the article post. Cool. edaekbbbaeaedekc

Datum 27.08.2013
Vložil Tyler Stewart
Titulek R.I.P

Rest in Peace Ivan Mackerle.
It is sad you had to go you were one of the best of your kind and i find your work very interesting.
I am curious as to what may have caused the death and if it had anything to do with your expeditions.
It is a shame we will never know the truth

Datum 24.07.2013
Vložil Tony Gates
Titulek Allghoi khorkhoi

Is it possible that the shaman in that village slipped you something when you weren't aware of it which caused the hemmorages on your back. Shamans can be very powerful persons in their villages and may have seen your inquirey into the story of the Allghoi khorkhoi as a possible attempt at taking some of his power over some of the local, superstitious villagers. You mentioned the saxaul roots and how it can be poisonous. Perhaps the shaman slipped some of this into something you ate or drank. In small enough amounts (Perhaps even a diluted quantity)the physical symptoms could have manifsted themselves into your dream. It is too bad your doctor did not think to take samples of your blood and have them analyzed for possible poisons.

Datum 29.01.2013
Vložil Sennari Masuya
Titulek Humans were made in the stone circle.

Humans were made in the stone circle.

Dear sir,
Do you know why there are lots of stone circles all over the world?
We humans were created in the stone circles.
The stone circles have mysterious power.
They are the energy amplifiers.
The beings from the universe came to the earth long ago and made a lot of stone circles all over the world.
They created humans in them.
They gave food and taught many things to humans for the living.
The reason why I knew the above is written in the following site.

Sennari Masuya


Datum 29.01.2013
Vložil Nagabhushan
Titulek .

Hi Ivan,

I am more interested in the Domes of Siberia.

thanks for updating me.

Datum 13.01.2013
Vložil Jerry Ouellette
Titulek General coment

Enjoy your adventures, I hope to see more of them especially among the ruins of ancient South American Indians. There is much mystery to yet be uncovered there.

Datum 30.12.2012
Vložil Hybrid mann
Titulek magnetic field

If you return in the dead valley you must have a strong electromagnetic field arround your body and you have time to explore without seeknes.Good look.

Datum 29.12.2012
Vložil Wade Metcalfe
Titulek Private Researcher

Hi Ivan,

I am from City of Brisbane, Queensland, Austrailia
I am yet to see Black Mountain with my own eyes.
When I look at the photos it appears that someone has dropped those Black rocks from the air to fill in a hole that was once there. And why only that type of rock.
The aboriginies believe it is home to the Rainbow Serpent which goes back to ther creation story.

As for the Russian cauldrons and the event of 1908, I believe there is certainly a truth there waiting to be revealed.

Great work my friend. The world needs more people like youself. The truth of who we are and where we came from and where we are going lies in the very near future.

Kind Regards

Wade Metcalfe.



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