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Datum 11.01.2013
Vložil Michael
Titulek Re: Re: Disease

Hello Ivan,
I hope you are completely healed now.Regarding these cauldrons, did you guys measured the radiation levels around them?
Somebody suggested that these are defense entities that can be remotely operated.
Related to them was assumed the Tunguska "meteorite" which was exploded above the ground by one of these cauldrons. A lot of speculation but nothing firmly established. Are you in contact with other people exploring them?
Best wishes,

Datum 24.11.2011
Vložil 11.24.2011
Titulek Steven Martin

I seen your story on the history channel here in america and was interested in the Valley of Death in Siberia. my passion was to always go somewhere and find something in my life and this is something of interest. Like to learn more as I was a sort of into the UFO stuff during the 1960's and had a subscription to a magazine on the subject. I have a open mind and do and don't believe but when I see something of interest I latch on to it and examine it. Good luck on this search.

Datum 26.11.2011
Vložil Ivan Mackerle
Titulek Re: Steven Martin

Hi Martin,
at present time is dificult to make some big discovery, because civilisation broke in almost every place of Earth. Only from time to time man could be lucky. But the adventure in exploring you´ll have everytime. And it is important. I did not belive ago our expedition to Siberie we can find something. And I´v been pleasantly surpriced. Try to discover something like this too. You will be satisfied even if you will not find solution of mystery. I wish you many success.

Datum 12.04.2010
Vložil Eduardo Hanazaki
Titulek .

Hi Ivan,

Very nice site.

We are awaiting to see the history of Brazil expedition...

Best regards



Danny Mackerle

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