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About expedition:


Date: 22nd of May 2000 till 29th of June 2000 (by Air Plane Prague-Brisbane and Sydney-Prague, then by offroad car)

Members Ivan Mackerle, Jiří Skupien, Danny Mackerle, Vladimír Čech

               Guide – David Petrica (Czech-Australian)

               The car – Nissan 4x4

Route: Brisbane – Cairns – Daintree – Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) – Cooktown – Black

          Mountain – Lakeland – Palmer River Roadhouse – Maytown – Jowalbinna – Laura –

          Lakefield N.P. – Musgrave - Coen – Archer River Roadhouse - Iron Range N.P. –

          Portland Road – Bypass Road – Jardine River – Bamaga – Pajinka – and back via –

          Jackey - Jackey Airfield through Telegraph Road till Laura – Lakeland – Cairns –

          Brisbane – Sydney.

          Total: 8 461 km from Brisbane to Brisbane

The objectives:

1) To verify claims about mysterious disappearinces in Black Mountain and about underground labyrinth, to explore the mountain and the caves.

2) Cryptozoological mysteries:

a)      Queenslandský dragon - mungún galli, giant lizzard from Cape York.

b)      Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine)

c)      Yowie, the wild man from Queensland.

d)      Bunyip (two types)


Methods: The sensors sensetive by move triggered the camera and the light.

About expedition

01.08.2009 22:01

Mountain of the Death

  Mountain of the Death   Like an island in a sea of eucalyptus, a huge mass of dark boulders was protruding against the northern Australian sky. It was the Black Mountain, known to the Aborigines as "Kalkajaka", the most frightening and enigmatic place of northern Queensland, situated 16...


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